Members of the Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs

The Advisory Council is made up of experts from various disciplines and has nine members. The members are required to have special knowledge and experience in consumer affairs, particularly in consumer science, consumer policy and consumer protection. Members of the government are excluded from sitting on the Council, as are members of any federal or Land legislative body. Also excluded are public service employees who work for the federal government, a Land or any other public entity. An exception to this rule are university teachers and employees of academic institutions. When carrying out their work, the Council members are not bound by instructions.

The members are appointed by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection for a period of four years. It is also possible to be appointed for a second term. The chair is elected from among the Council.

In the meeting held on 10 December 2018, the members appointed Prof. Peter Kenning as chair and Prof. Louisa Specht as deputy chair.

Members 2018 – 2022